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Our Purpose

ThriftBooks Automation
We believe reading empowers people, offering them empathy to live for a moment in someone else's shoes, education—a critical asset to improving one's life—and an occasional escape to fantastic worlds inhabited by interesting characters. Yes, we save millions of books every year from being destroyed, but our mission goes beyond the environment. We save these books and make them accessible to readers for the chance to shape another mind, share another story, and teach a bit of wisdom.

Our Values

Cultivate Curiosity

Like the thrill of learning to read, we seek to explore the unexplored, we seek to innovate. Reward does not come without some risk, so we try new things. Through curiosity we discover new stories, new information, and new approaches, and we recall the thrill of learning once again—eureka!

Unite Strengths

From our community of readers to our Processing Center teams to our suppliers, we are connected. While individually we each bring strengths, it is through unification of these that we achieve the greatest success. We work together to create extraordinary outcomes. We encourage feedback—from our customers, from our partners, and from each other. To do our best, we must behave as equals, offering transparency, showing respect, and caring for each other and our customers.

Deliver Value

Our customers, like our business, seek value and we deliver. We are adopting the benefits of improved technology, advances in automation and warehouse processing, and increased scale to improve efficiency and the customer experience. We are leveraging data to improve merchandising yielding better bundles and revenue for the business and improved access for our customers.